my name is Petar and I am a wedding photographer. It’s my job and pleasure.
I’m doing it out of love, giving myself completely in it.
My style is mixture of portrait photography and photo reportage.
Thanks to my broad experience as a photojournalist, I got the feeling for the decisive moment. The moment you can capture only once.
With time, I learned how to tell stories. Through photos.
My story will keep the memory of your most important day, your wedding day.
I’ll tell it my own way, unpretentiously and emotionally, with a lot of love.
You just need to be what you are. I believe that the beauty comes from the inside, as a reflection of the love we have. That’s why you don’t need to worry about the photos. You’ll have enough “worries” on that day. Let everything be the way you imagined and I’ll be there in every moment.
And… when you think I’m not there, the best photos will come out. That will be you, natural and spontaneous, without any masks or forced smiles.

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